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For You Who Want To Master Copywriting: The Science and Art Of Writing Words That Move People To Pull Out Their Wallets And Pay For Your Product...



Riches and Wealth for you!


The Write & Get Rich Program is your one stop training program that will show you how copywriting can make you a millionaire!

This program is for you who want to achieve an unbelievable amount of wealth writing words.

It will not only show you the nitigrities of copywriting, but also show you how to build a 6- figure business out of it with little or no qualification, in 30 days.

Just show up with enough drive, hunger and will to take massive action and you are set.

Many people today call themselves copywriters and promise to show you the ropes and teach you how to build a career with this skill. But you will soon discover why successful entrepeneurs, and marketers consider this to be:

 The Best Ever Program Designed To Make You Become A Rich Copywriter, Build Your Influence, Command High fees And Live Your Life On Your Own Terms.

Dear Friend,

 My name is Stanley Esdee david, and if your desire is to become a feared copywriter whose words push people to pull out their wallets and pay for what you offer,

if you want to make an unbelievable amount of money writing words, and if you simply want to live life on your own terms, and become the name everyone calls when they need to make sales, then this letter will be the most important one you will read this year.

 Here’s how it started:

In December, 2019, a lady in a Facebook group I belonged to asked if there was anyone who could teach copywriting or if there was any group she could join and learn. For the sake of privacy, let's call her Juliet. (This is a true story by the way)

Juliet had just started studying the subject and she was looking for a community of people who she could be a part of and learn with. Her comment generated a lot of reactions, over a hundred of the group members indicated interest, saying they would gladly join such program if she found one.

This gave me an idea. I had already built a thriving copywriting business. I knew the ropes and could effortlessly teach the subject. I siezed the opportunity and created 

 ‘The 30-Days To CopyMastery Program.’ 

I finished creating the program and on the 7th of January, I launched it.

Within a month, over 250 persons went through that program and began to achieve amazing results in their business.

The program opened them up to new possibilities and newbies were able to churn out salesletters right on the spot with what they learnt. Here are some reviews from some of the students:

The 30 day Copywriting Class is arguably the most comprehensive course I have ever participated in.

Stanley took his time to break the key elements of copywriting down. It was such that after the class, complete newbies were able to churn out persuasive sales letters. Not several days after. Right during one of those sessions!

His commitment and dedication to the class was next level... to think it was a free class. A paid course from this guy would be a brain dump session - It'll be him completely emptying himself.

Months after the class, I'm still able to reach out to Stan for advice. He's not one of those 'hit-and-run' tutors. Stanley is 'Duracell' reliable.

Thank you Stan.

- Onwuka Kester, Video Animator and Voice Over Expert

The 30 days copy class was an extremely helpful and informative course, especially in conjuction with multi-modal training. Training materials were well organized and provided good case studies.

Stanley was extremely professional and pleasant to learn from, Every opportunity for the student to ask questions was provided. This changed my negotiation and writing skills completely. Thank you Big Stan.

- Samuel Leumas, Pro Web designer and Digital Marketer

That class really upped my mini importation business.

I Remember I complained to Stanley about not making sales back then. He gave me permission to copy a sample sales letter he had tweeted and when i did, the result was remarkable. From the Copywriting class I learnt how to craft headlines.

I Understood how sales copy could be crafted and how to hit the pain point of the customers (that was my best part of the class though).

Every class was massive value.

- Chigozie, Mini importer and digital marketer

Few weeks after that a couple of people reached out to me and asked me to teach them my winning formula.

Of course it would have been insane to organize another 30-day program for a handful of people, and while I have taught a few people who are now making constant 6 figures every month, I never thought about creating any course.

I actually never wanted to. But the requests continue to come in.

After months of ignoring these requests, I decided to create something robust and concise that your only possibility, as long as you take action, is to succeed.

What Exactly Is The Write & Get Rich Program?

Imagine being able to influence people to take an action... your desired action. That is the kind of power that only true gods can lay claim to.

The Write & Get Rich program is designed to give you such power. To completely arm you with the skill to persuade people to do your bid.

And to be clear, this is not the 30 Days to CopyMastery class I taught in January. In fact, you will get the 30-day program as a bonus.

If you are a sissy, lily livered person, this program will teach you to be daring and ask for what you want without shame or fear of rejection. 

 Take a sneak peek at what you get in the program:

What Is Inside The Write & Get Rich Program?

  •  Module 1: HOW TO CARRY OUT DETAILED RESEARCH. First baby steps of a true copywriter. I'll show you what the market wants vs what the market needs. How to identify these wants and sell them as needs
  •  Module 2: HOW TO CREATE YOUR IDEAL STRUCTURE. Every successful copywriter works with a structure. This module will show you the 10 parts that make up the structure of any copy, all the way from the headline to the last full stop.
  • Module 3: HOW TO GRAB ATTENTION I will show you how to write headlines that turn the heads of your prospects.
  •  Module 4: HOW TO ENGAGE YOUR PROSPECT: Your copy is supposed to be interesting, but not entertaining. This module will focus on the power of story-telling. You'll also learn how to use examples vs facts.
  • Module 5: HOW TO CREATE HUNGER AND DESIRE: People need to want your offer strongly enough to pay for it. Here I will show you how to create intense desire for your product, that will leave the customer salivating. I will show you how to sell benefits instead of features. You'll learn how to use imagerypower of imagery.
  • Module 6: HOW TO CRAFT AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER: What exactly do people want? How do they want it? How do you present it to them in such a way that they cannot say no? This module will show you just how to do that.  
  • Module 7: THE STRONG CALL TO ACTION: Without a clear call to action, your prospect may not know what to do next. In this module, you'll learn how to to use the call to action.
  • Module 8: THE STUCK-ON EFFECT: Here I will show you exactly how to get people to believe in you and what you offer. I will show you step by step how to get them to become loyal to you.
  • Module 9: HOW TO USE THE KLT FORMULA TO WIN HEARTS OF CLIENTS. Don't worry, it is not what you think. You'll find out in class.

Already, the 9 modules are enough to get you on the ground running, and that is not even the main part of this program.

The main focus of Write & Get Rich is to help you make money writing. And that will be taught in part 2.

The second part will look at The Blueprint of a 6-figure Copywriting Business.

Have a look:

  •  HOW TO PITCH CLIENTS that will pay you your worth.
  •  HOW TO ENTER INTO LEGAL AGREEMENTS WITH CLIENTS: I have made mistakes in the past and lost money as a result of not entering into agreements with big brands. I’ll show you what to do here to avoid such mistake. 
  • HOW TO USE REFERRAL TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME. The more clients you take on, the more money you make

And there is more still.

You'll also get the following bonuses FREE:

  • 30 Days to CopyMastery Program. and four accompanying books (N30,000)
  • 10 principles for writing kick-ass Headlines (ebook) (N10,000)
  • The Secret Handbook Of The Greatest Copywriting Masters (ebook) (N10,000)
  • The lost but found secrets of how to close any sale. This book alone is a goldmine. (N16,999)



With the knwowledge and information contained in this course, you should be well on your way to building a 6 figure business.

Check out these reviews from real people who were in the 30-day program:


These are real reviews from real persons who were a part of the 30 Days to CopyMastery...

... and that same program is what you are getting as a bonus in this course.

This is a no-brainer.

The bonuses alone are worth N66,999, but you are getting them completely free,

and there is more:

  • You will have direct access to me to ask questions as you implement what you are taught.
  • I will be giving out class projects. That means you get to work with the 29 other students in the class. This will make you accountable and inspire you to take action.
  • The training will focus on helping you land your first client. The goal here is not to teach you copywriting, but to help you make money with copywriting.
  • Whenever the course gets updated, you will get acccess to the updated version.
  • A module will be dedicated to showing you how to do sales calls. There are some clients that you can't close by email. You will learn the persuasion tricks.

There is so much packaged in this training.


Based on the value contained in this program, it would be a steal to get it all for $1000 (N360,000).

Think of it, you can make that back with one client. But you won't be paying $1000.

You won't have to pay $500 (N180,000).

The course will launch on Friday, 12th of July, 2019, for $97 (N35,000)


However, if you preorder it now, you'll only pay

$69 (N25,000)

and get to save $28.

This preoder price is only for 10 slots.

As soon as the 10 slots are filled, it'll go back up to $97 (N35,000).

However, I will do you one:


For the next 48 hours, I will give you the chance to get into the program for


$56 (N20,000)

ONLY: for the next 48 hours, and for ONLY first 5 persons. 

So act now and save N5,000


Note that this class is only going to accomodate 30 persons. Slots are limited

There's one more thing you should know:

Once you make your payment, I will give you a 10 minutes phone consultation. I will personally call you. Here are the five things we will discuss:

  1. I will ask you specific questions to determine your level of expertise in copywriting.
  2. You definitely have expectations for the training. You will have the opportunity to tell me your expectations.
  3. You probable have some struggles and challenges with regards to making money as a writer. You will have the chance to tell me what they are.


4. I will give you two simple, but important tasks to execute daily to prepare you for the training

5. I will give you a book to start reading so when we get to class, you will not struggle to catch up with what I teach.

You can see that this is an offer you should not miss.

ONLY 5 slots for thr discount. Take it NOW by following the simple step below:

Only Pay N75,000 N50,000, N35,000

Pay N20,000

When you click on the Get it now button, or the red button below, you will be taken to a secure page where you can make payment with your debit card.

Once your payment is confirmed, I will personally call you for the 10 minutes phone consultation.


You can pay by bank transfer

Simply pay to

Zenith Bank

Davibon Continental Communications


After payment, send your name, phone number and proof of payment to



Again, this discount is only available for the first 10 persons. Take advantage of it NOW.




Now is your opportunity to turn words to wealth.

I hope to see you inside.

Stanley Esdee David

Copyright © 2019. Davibon Media

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